Electronic Data Interchange System:

Many of the Customs houses are computerized. In such Customs houses, the processing of documents related to the clearance of imported goods takes place on the computer under the EDI system.

  1. Under the EDI system, the importer submits a cargo declaration at the Service Center.
  2. A checklist is generated which is handed over to the importer/CHA by the service center operator for verification.
  3. After verification, the data is submitted to the system by the Service Center operator and the system generates a Bill of Entry Number. No original documents are taken at this stage. Original documents are taken at the time of examination.
  4. Bill of Entry is electronically sent to the terminal of the concerned Appraiser (Chapter wise) for assessment.
  5. Thereafter, they are sent to audit section. After both the stages, the Assistant Collector gives approval for Bill of Entry in the system itself.
  6. After approval of Bill of Entry, Bill of Entry comes back to the computer center where three copies of duty challan (TR6) are generated. The Examination Order is also printed along with the TR-6 Challan.
  7. The duty is to be paid through the designated bank. After payment of Duty, the bank enters the same into the system at a terminal at their end.
  8. The electronically processed bills of entry are sent to the Shed Superintendent.
  9. The shed superintendent sends the bills of entry to Examiner/Inspector for physical verification of goods.
  10. Then the Bill of Entry appears on the screen of the Appraiser (Docks). The Importer/CHA presents the checklist/acknowledgment, duty paid challan and other documents including invoice, packing list etc. at the time of examination of goods.
  11. The Shed Appraiser examines the goods and enters the examination report in the system.
  12. After the examination of goods is complete, the Appraiser (Docks) gives Out of Charge” order on the system.
  13. Thereafter, the system prints three copies of Bill of Entry: Importer’s copy, Exchange Control Copy and Copy for bank that has made the remittance