The significant differences between domestic and international marketing are explained below:

  1. The activities of production, promotion, advertising, distribution, selling and customer satisfaction within one’s own country is known as Domestic marketing. International marketing is when the marketing activities are undertaken at the international level.
  2. Domestic marketing caters a small area, whereas International marketing covers a large area.
  3. In domestic marketing, there is less government influence as compared to the international marketing because the company has to deal with rules and regulations of numerous countries.
  4. In domestic marketing, business operations are done in one country only. On the other hand, in international marketing, the business operations conducted in multiple countries.
  5. In international marketing, there is an advantage that the business organization can have access to the latest technology of several countries which is absent in case domestic countries.
  6. The risk involved and challenges in case of international marketing are very high due to some factors like socio-cultural differences, exchange rates, setting an international price for the product and so on. The risk factor and challenges are comparatively less in the case of domestic marketing.
  7. International marketing requires huge capital investment, but domestic marketing requires less investment for acquiring resources.
  8. In domestic marketing, the executives face less problem while dealing with the people because of similar nature. However, in the case of international marketing, it is quite difficult to deal with customers of different tastes, habits, preferences, segments, etc.
  9. International marketing seeks deep research on the foreign market due to lack of familiarity, which is just opposite in the case of domestic marketing, where a small survey will prove helpful to know the market conditions.