There are a large number of national and international sources, which collect and publish information on various aspects of international marketing. Such information will help in finding out whether there exists a market or not and exactly where exactly does.

Data Available from International Publications:

There are some agencies like GATT, UNCTAD, FAO and so on, which are connected with international trade. These agencies collect and publish data relating to commercial activities at World level.

World Trade Annual:

It is published by the United Nations Organization. 90% of the World Trade statistics is available in this annual and in 9 volumes.

F.O.A. Year Book of Basic Commodities:

It is the publication of Food & Agriculture Organisation of United Nations gives information about 200 basic agricultural commodities throughout the World with relevant details about the area, total production, per hectare production and so on.

Publications of International Trade Statistics:

It is a UN publications. It is an annual which gives statistical data for countries like India, Pakistan, Japan, Australia etc. the coverage of this yearbook is wide, as details of population, manpower, agriculture, industry, internal and external trade, prices and finance etc.

Concise Guide to International Markets:

This guide is a publication of International Advertising Association of London. It contains information on advertising media in 60 different countries of the world.

International Monetary Fund: Its publication includes:

International Finance Statistics (Monthly)

Direction of Foreign Trade Statistics (Monthly) &

L.M.F. Staff Papers (Quarterly)


(B) Data Available from Indian Publications

In India, various agencies collect, compile and publish information on international trade and India’s contribution in the same. Trade information is not available for various agencies and that too with all necessary details. Even EPCS publish useful information e.g. EEPC Journal, Spices EPC published Indian spices (quarterly).

  1. Monthly Statistics of Foreign Trade in India
    • Monthly Statistics of Foreign Trade in India.
    • Indian Trade Journal (Monthly)
    • Handbook of Commercial Information (Annual)
    • Directory of Indian Exporters.
  2. Publications of Directorate of Exhibitions & Commercial Publicity
    • Journal of Indian Industry & Trade (Monthly)
    • Indian’s Export Service Bulletin (Weekly)
    • Economic & Commercial News (Weekly)
    • Directory of Importers of Indian products in Australia, Canada, South Yemen, Japan, Hong Kong, etc.
  3. Publications of Indian Institute of Foreign Trade
    • Foreign Trade Bulletin (Monthly)
    • Foreign Trade Review (Quarterly)
    • Survey of India Export Procedures & Documents.
  4. Publications of Indian Institute of Packaging

Packaging India (Quarterly) is only publication of IIP. It gives information about latest techniques of packaging for different products under different countries. You can find above publication either at ETTI, IMC or World Trade Centre Library.