Following are the buyer characteristics or factors which affect his buying decision

Cultural Factors:

  1. Culture: It is the most fundamental determinant of preson’s wants and behavior. The growing child acquires a set of values, perceptions, preferences, and behaviors through his or her family and other key institutions.
  2. Sub Culture: Subculture includes nationalities, religions, racial groups and geographical regions
  3. Social Class: It can be divided into various categories. Upper, Lower Upper, Upper middle, Middle class, Working Class, Upper Lowers, Lower Lowers.

Social Factors:

  1. Reference Group: It consists of all groups that have a direct or indirect influence on the person’s attitude or behavior. Groups having direct influence on a person are called membership group. A group such as family, friends, neighbors etc with which the person interacts forms the primary group. A person may also belong to secondary group. Such as religious, professional and trade union groups, which tend to be more formal and require less continuous interaction.
  2. Family: Family members constitue the most influential primary reference group. The family of orientation towards religion, politics and economics and sense of personal ambition, self worth and love. A more direct influence on everday buying behavior is one’s family of procreation, namely one’s spouse and children.
  3. Role and Statuses: A person participates in many groups through out life – family, clubs, and organizations. The person’s position in each group can be determined in terms of role and status. Each role carries a status. Ex. A sales manager has more status than an office clerk.

Personal Factors:

  1. Age and Life Cycle Stage: People buy different goods and services over their lifetime. Consumption is also shaped by the stage of family life cycle i.e. right from younge age to old age
  2. Occupation: A perons’s occupation also influences his or her consumption pattern. A company’s president buys expensive suits, air travel, and club memberships.
  3. Economic Circumstances: Product choice is greatly influenced by one’s economic circumtances. People’s economic circumstance consist of their spendable inclome, saving, and assets, debts, burrowing power and attitude towards spending as saving.
  4. Life Style: A person’s lifestyle is one’s pattern of livign in the world as expressed in the person’s activities, interests and options.