In Marine Insurance claims, all the documents of the claim are to be submitted to the insurance company. The documents should be submitted in original. Wherever original documents are not available, second copy / printed copy may be accepted, but photocopies are not accepted. The documents are to be submitted preferably in one lot and within reasonable time limits.

Generally, following is a list of claim documents

1 Proof of insurance: Original Insurance Policy / Certificate of Insurance / Declaration

2 Shipping documents: Invoice, Packing List, Bill of lading, Airway Bill, Transport Documents, Railway Receipt, Lorry Receipt etc

3 Proof of Loss: Survey Report (damage claims), Survey fee receipt, Shortage/Damage/Short Landing but missing / Non-delivery, as the case may be

4 Claim on carrier: Office copy of claim on carrier (writing a letter to carrier demanding reimbursement of the loss suffered)

5 Clearance / Forwarding Documents: Triplicate copy of Bill of entry (import), Shipping Bill (Export)

6 Others: Police Report (theft claims), Claim bill, letter of authority if it is pursued by other than the claimant.