Customs House Agent:

  • CHA is licensed to act as an agent for a transaction relating to the entry or departure of goods or the import or export of the goods at a customs station.
  • CHA main responsibility is to study the law governing the Import & Export & Interpreting the duties livable & the incentive available for their clients.
  • CHA act on behalf of their customers with customs officials to undergo necessary export & import clearance procedures & formalities.
  • CHA license is issued for a validity of 5 years. It is renewed after every 5 years.
  • As soon as the export order is finalized, CHA book the shipping space with the shipping company.
  • Shipping company issues the SHIPMENT ORDER once the shipping space is booked.
  • Generally, shipping space has to be booked in 6 to 8 months advance.

Services offer by CHA to their customers:

  • Preparing & processing of documents i.e. Bill Entry or Shipping Bill
  • Complying with the customs queries
  • Payment of Duties/Taxes
  • Physical examination of goods
  • Collecting delivery order from the shipping line
  • Arranging delivery of cargo
  • If possible, storage facilities abroad in the event of non-clearance of cargo by the Foreign buyer
  • Tracing the goods if they are missing or lost

While selecting the CHA an exporter can take the help of Mumbai Export House or Customs Agent Association.

Charges payable to CHA

  • Agency charges: These are not fixed charges. Some charge 0.75% or 1% of the invoice value. Some charge fixed as per TEU (Twenty Foot Equivalent) for FCL (Full Container Load) & fixed minimum charges for LCL (Less than container load) shipment.
  • Documentation charges: Rate/Bill of entry
  • Octroi Payment: Rate/Invoice
  • Measurement Charges: Rate/Package/Carton
  • Examination Charges: Rate/Bill of entry
  • Postage Courier Charges: Rate/Doc set
  • De-consolidation Charges: Fixed Amount
  • Stamp Duty Payment: @0.1% of the landed cost of the goods.