Leading is defined as the process of influencing people so that they will contribute to the organizational and group goals.

Difference between Leaders & Managers

Leaders Managers
Creates a new order Maintain existing order
Defines risks De-risks
Opportunity Focused Resource Focused
Comfort in ambiguity Comfort in clarity
Opportunity centric Constraint centric
Big picture oriented Detail oriented
Innovative Adaptive

Values drive leadership

  • Caring
  • Learning
  • Achieving
  • Sharing
  • Socially Responsible


Goal of Mentoring

  • Improve people performance
  • Improve long term career development
  • Offer emotional support
  • Answer questions and provide insights

Characteristics of a good Mentor

  • Specific job-related skills
  • Commitment to the role
  • Excellent communication skills & Tons of patience
  • Ability to avoid offering solutions easily

Benefits of being a Mentor:

  • Satisfaction by passing skills and wisdom to the mentees
  • Benefit from creative and youthful energy of the mentee which may rejuvenate mentor’s career and job perspective by providing fresh and creative perspective
  • Organizational recognition of relationships

A Loyal base of support, which the mentees provide.