Hello Everyone,

This blog is open for each and every student who wants to learn about Import and Export. Especially, for those who wants to build their career in this dynamic field. I would encourage all the students to comment their doubts about any of the given post. I will surely try my best to answer it.

Export-Import is a very lively field where one has to be updated with the latest RBI guidelines and other market-oriented news.

In this blog, I will share my knowledge related to following 6 topics.

  1. Foreign Trade Policy (FTP 2015-2020)
  2. Export Finance & Banking & Exchange Control Manuals
  3. Export Procedure and Documentation
  4. Import Management
  5. International Marketing & Organization Behavior
  6. Foreign Trade Logistics & Cargo Insurance

So without wasting much of your time lets start sharing knowledge….




4 thoughts on “About

  1. This was a very inspirational and interesting course which connected main aspects of carreer development. I were really focused and interested. Excellent ideas and examples that they drew more attention which really inspired.I have gained a lot of confidence from this course.Course was encouraged me. I have learnt many new concept from this course.
    Thank you Mohit Sir


  2. This was a great experience for me. After my studies i don’t know about the next step which is career. mohit sir help me for deciding my career. This cource includes many concepts that helps for career building in the exim field. This cource is inspirational for me.
    Mohit sir teaches all concepts in very easy form.
    Thank you mohit sir..


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